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Delivery Methods

  • By courier cooperating with the eshop for materials weighing up to 4 Kg and volume up to 20Lit
  • With a transport company (agency) and with the delivery of the goods at the headquarters of the transport company (within ATTICA) that you will have indicated to us in the comments at the completion of your order
For orders larger than 4 Kg and volume up to 20Lit that you wish to use courier or a special method of delivery, it would be good for your order to be preceded by communication with the manager

Shipping Costs

  • By courier: the fixed charge is 5 euros. If the volume or weight of the goods exceeds 4Kg or 20lit, then there is a charge of 0.6 euros / Kg
  • In case the products are delivered to an Athens agency of your choice, then the payment of the shipping cost will be charged exclusively to you (shipping fee to your headquarters). Delivery to your transport has no additional cost.

    • Delivery Times

      After confirming your order (availability and payment completion) the following applies:

      • With Courier, the products are delivered to it the next working day and are delivered depending on what is valid regarding the place of delivery. In mainland Greece they are delivered one or two days after receipt in most areas. Very often courier orders are delivered to the customer the next day, but this is not the rule.
      • By shipping, they are delivered to the shipping after 2-3 working days. In practice, however, in most cases it happens the next day. The delivery time then depends on what the shipping company has agreed with you.


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