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Refunds of money and goods are generally not made, unless there are reasons. Buying a product from our online store presupposes that the buyer has previously thought and decided that he needs the product he pays to receive.

Chemicals are not returned under any circumstances.

Return of machines or devices is made after consultation with the manager of the online store and only in the event that the product is found to be defective due to failure of the manufacturer and the return to be accepted is accepted by the manufacturer. To avoid disputes and disputes, we suggest that you receive photographic material or better video using a mobile phone when receiving and opening the packages.

Packages that look "damaged" and indicate possible wear of the product by the carrier should never be picked up.

The return of the machine under warranty is done to the company responsible for the repair that we will indicate to you at the responsibility and expense of the buyer. The amount is then offset or refunded.


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